Remedial Works

Make sure your building is safe and compliant by carrying out remedial work on outdated or damaged electrical components.

Make sure your systems are working as they should with Remedial works

Remedial work is carried out to bring electrical equipment up to safety standards, and this would include any fixing, renewing or replacing of anything faulty or damaged. Damage can occur as a result of wear and tear. Damage or faults can happen over the years and may become unnoticeable if not regularly maintained or checked. Not sure if your systems need replacing? It's always better to check with a professional; we would rather fix something before it has the chance to cause harm.

What could need replacing?

In buildings, many electrical components can experience wear and tear, such as fuses, circuit breakers, wiring, switches, and sockets. These could need repairing or replacing to keep your premises safe, compliant and operating within the law.

Electrical equipment is vital for safe working environments. It should be repaired or replaced to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

EOL has the expertise, tools, and team required to safely, quickly and efficiently carry out these works on your business premises. Give us a call on 020 8252 9789 for more information.

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